The experience, the integrity and the tools

ICU Consulting Inc




ICU Consulting Inc. has a belief that all people should be treated with dignity and respect, and judged by the content of their character. All actions should be measured by the objective standard "Would a reasonable person in the community come to the same conclusion and take the same action given all the circumstances."


We believe that the foundation of any relationship between the ICU Consulting Inc. and our clients must be based on honesty, loyalty and integrity. This is the cornerstone to ICU's survival. As partners in the successful outcome of each investigation or security assignment, we believe that we all have a responsibility to maintain an honest and ethical relationship with each other and to educate each other about our practices, our policies and our approach to each assignment.


All company activities, from the interaction with other companies to employee interaction with each other and with clients, shall be conducted in an honest forthright manner. No one shall purposely mislead or conduct him or herself in a dishonest way.



ICU's investigators and staff have been made aware of our corporate guidelines. The process has been Informative and has allowed us to continue to improve our own standards. Without reservation, we agree as a company and as an investigative team to comply with those guidelines.


Proper communication between our clients and us is an essential part of our mission statement. ICU Consulting Inc truly wishes to include our clients as partners in the investigative process. To do so, we will keep our client's informed of the progress of each assignment, and in particular when problems or difficulties arise that threaten the assignment's objectives.


Our clients expect and receive an honest effort each time an assignment is undertaken. We believe that any company can bring any assignment to a successful completion occasionally, or even frequently. The challenge is to begin each one as if it is the most important one and to give a 100% effort each time out, and to assure the assignment is completed and reported on time.